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Acerca de este reportaje, fue solo con la cobertura de la presentacion de este material que para los fans es casi un tesoro, por lo cual esta basado en la revista STARWARS INSIDER No.46 (OCT-NOV 1999) con lo cual se escanearon la imagenes y se presentan aqui solo como material de consulta, el unico video existente en la red es la edicion que apareció en la
PAGINA OFICIAL DE STARWARS en hyperspace y se muestra aqui solo para tener mas material de referencia y que todos los fans se regocijen al apreciar este material. de fans para fans, para completar este reportaje se tomo informacion de pagnas como y .

About this featurette, was only for the coverture of the material as the fans called almost a hiden treasure, instead some pics was taken from scanning de STARWARS INSIDER MAGAZINE No.46 (OCT-NOV 1999) and that images shows in here only for archive and consults, the only video in the web was the feature in the
OFICIAL STARWARS site and it´s the edition in hyperspace, and shows in here only for the people see more of this film an enjoy it, by fans for fans, to make more complete this featurette some information was taken and based from sites like and for latinamerican audiences.



"El Regreso del Ewok" filme corto realizado por David Tomblin que tiene como estelar a Warwick Davis que en ese entonces contaba con solo 11 años, que es quien le da vida a Wicket el ewok, este filme fue realizado en 1982 durante la filmacion de Return of the Jedi (antes llamado Revenge of the Jedi) el cual tiene una duracion de 24 minutos, filmado por Tomblin con su camara 16mm y teneindo locaciones en Elstree Studios en Londres y los bosques de California.
"Return of the Ewok" short film directed by David Tomblin starring 11 year old Warwick Davis as Wicket the Ewok, released in 1982 during recordings of "Return of the Jedi" a.k.a. Revenge of the Jedi, with 24 min. long, filmed by Tomblin with his 16mm camera, locations in Elstree Studios in London and California Woods.

Todo comenzo cuando Tomblin le pregunto a Davis despues de oir su historia de casting que hizo, cual era su personaje favorito en Empire Strikes Back, obviamente su respuesta fue Luke, pero que le hubiera gustado encarnar a Boba Fett!el filme es un tanto raro ya que nos muestra a C-3po y Chewbacca caminando aqui en la Tierra, a Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford y Carrie Fisher en completo dizfras de Luke, Han y Leia aparte que aparecen personajes de ROTJ durante esta corta pelicula, como dato curioso, David Tomblin era asistente del director y filmo para este corto durante la filmacion de ROTJ al mismo tiempo!


David Tomblin recuerda:"Fue muy dievrtido, George (Lucas) sabia de lo que hacíamos, al parecer seria como un avance preliminar para ROTJ pero al final no fue asi, de todas formas el se porto muy amable e interesado en lo que hacíamos y estuvo siempre al tanto".Durante años Davis ha tenido en su poder una copia de su cortometraje, lo cual todos le mencionan que tiene algo muy especial algo que ni siquiera Lucasfilm Ltd. tiene.

El corto estuvo guardado por años por Davis hasta que en la Celebration III lo mostro publicamente, por lo que no sale a la venta es porque se tendria que pagar muchisimo dinero por todas las personas involucradas en el proyecto, y como contiene material muy raro el simple corto de hace un corto que no puede cotizarse, ya que es muy raro el material que muestra, no monetario sino nostalgico.

Las fotos fueron escanadas de la revista insider qu epor l acalidad del video las fotos son muy pequeñas, peo aqui estan todas.

Y todo comienza en:  All begins in...

Warwick Davis pasa por el tunel de Londres y de fondo se escucha la cancion de Supertramp "Long Way Home", nuestro heroe piensa para si mismo " Llega un tiempo que uno debe salir y buscar su fama y fortuna... Pero por donde empezar?" warwick se contempla pensandose en ser algun primer ministro o almirante de una flota naval.
Warwick strides through London to the tune of Supertramp's "Take the Long Way Home." Says our hero, "There comes a time in every man's life when he must go out into the world to seek his fame and fortune. But where do I start?" Warwick ponders his future, considering stints as prime minister or admiral of the Naval fleet,


When he comes upon David Prowse's real-life London gym. Warwick finds the Vaderesque actor/bodybuilder lifting weights, and catches a ride from Prowse. Warwick decides weightlifting is "too much competition - but I might have beaten him pound-for-pound." 

Instead, he tries soccer. Now this is more like it! My favorite football team - Chelsea. They certainly need my help!" For these shots, director Tomblin set up his net just outside the touch line, to the side of the field during an actual soccer match at Chelsea Stadium. By placing his camera behind the net or from an off-field angle, he could make it look like Warwick was really in the game.

Deciding soccer would be too dangerous, Warwick crosses the street and discovers a cinema playing The Empire Strikes Back. "Ah," he says, "this looks more interesting." 
During a clip of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber battle with Darth Vader on Cloud City, Mark Hamill, in full Bespin fatigues and with makeshift lightsaber, backs out of the theater, tired. When Warwick asks if he's OK, Mark responds, "I just need a breather." 
"Go back! You can do it!" Inspired by Warwick, Mark charges back inside, and the film cuts to Luke in Empire returning to fight Vader with renewed vigor. Even though Hamill was actually suffering from a fever the day he shot this scene, his heroics are still enough to inspire Warwick to become a movie star. 


Warwick takes a meeting with a talent agent (veteran actor Roy Kinnear, recognizable as Veruca Salt's overly indulging father in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, who happens to be desperate to make a buck off the film then called "Revenge of the Jedi." Skeptical of Warwick, he asks, "What can you do?" 
"I can play small parts." 


After rummaging through a trunk of costumes, Warwick tries Boba Fett's helmet on for size. The agent asks, "You think you can handle the part?" 
"Oh, no - I wanna play a good guy!
"I've got it - you can play an Ewok!" the agent exclaims, and sends Warwick off to EMI-Elmstree Studios. "An Ewok - what's an Ewok?" Warwick asks. "I have no idea," the agent replies, "but the money's good and I'll get ten percent." 


A professional from the start, Warwick arrives at Elmstree in costume. Admonishing his cab driver that "Ewoks don't have money," he pays his fare with a banana.
These were the real production offices for "Revenge of the Jedi."


Warwick makes his way to a dressing room and knocks on the door.
Warwick: "Please could you tell me where Ewoks have to report?"
Harrison: "What's an Ewok?"
Warwick: "I don't know, but it cost me ten percent."
Harrison: "I know the feeling. Come on, we'll ask Mark." 


"The script's so full of surprises," Mark says. "I mean, it's been top secret. Maybe Carrie knows - let's ask her." 
"Oh, I know," Carrie says. "You should report to Jabba the Hutt's palace. It's full of unusual and wonderful things." 
A grateful Warwick goes off to find Jabba's palace, with Carrie Fisher telling him, "May the Force be with you." Once Warwick is gone, Harrison Ford asks Mark Hamill, "What'd he say he was?" 


A trio of stars (Anthony Daniels as C-3PO, Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca, and a remote-controlled R2-D2) strolls through the Elstree backlot, which was closed in 1993 to make way for a supermarket. The Rebels are no help to Warwick: when he asks for directions to Jabba's palace, they scatter in fear. "Jabba the Hutt can't be a very nice person," Warwick concludes. 
"I've come for a job," Warwick tells Salacious Crumb (Tim Rose), who directs him to Max Rebo. 


When Warwick hits a key on bandleader Max Rebo's keyboard, an English language version of the classic Jedi hit "Lapti Nek" begins, prompting Warwick to break into an impromptu and awesome robot dance. 
Warwick interrupts a choreographer and his assistant, who are working with two dancers as Jabba gyrates rhythmically to the music. The choreographer (left) is played by director David Tomblin. 
Tomblin tells Warwick he has no use for an Ewok in Jabba's palace and sends him to find Frank Oz. 


Warwick makes a narrow escape from Jabba's court.
Suddenly, the solitary Ewok finds himself on the Death Star.
Boba Fett (Jeremy Bulloch in costume) emerges from the shadows, shouting (in David Tomblin's distinct British brogue, added later), "Ewok!" 


Warwick figures Fett for a case of professional jealousy: "Boba Fett - he must have heard I was up for the part!" 
Beating a hasty retreat from the bounty hunter, Warwick ends up in the Emperor's gigantic Throne Room. "Wow, if this is Frank Oz's office, I wonder how big Jim Henson's is. It must cost a fortune to heat this place!" 
Instead of Oz, Warwick finds someone quite different. 


"Ewok! What are you doing in my domain?" demands Vader (it's Dave Prowse in the suit, but Tomblin's voice). Yet again, Warwick gets away.
Warwick finds C-3PO negotiating with Jedi co-producer Robert Watts for a private dressing room for himself and R2-D2. "Artoo's batteries take up a great deal of space," Threepio insists, and he won't let the little Ewok get a word in edgewise. Using a trick he learned from watching Empire, Warwick switches Threepio off in the back. 


A grateful Watts puts Threepio to better use and promises to lead Warwick to Yoda himself. 
"Well, little Ewok, journey a long way. Yes, expecting you was I." Yoda tells Warwick that Ewoks come from the green moon of Endor and issues him his "galactic passport and ticket." 
Despite the papers from Yoda, Warwick gets a funny look from a young girl (his sister, Kim). Heathrow Airport officials tell Warwick, "No Ewoks"... he goes incognito... and boards a rocket to Endor... 
Once on the sanctuary moon, Warwick is reunited with the Rebels, who are hiding from Imperial forces. 


"Sorry to startle you," Warwick says, "but I'm still lost - could you please tell me where the Ewok village is? Han replies, "I'm sorry kid, but we're in big trouble ourselves right now." 
Alone, Warwick stops for a rest. "I'm getting very hungry. I wonder what Ewoks eat. I wish I hadn't given that man my banana." 
A swarm of Ewoks rushes in from the forest, surrounding Warwick and embracing him as John Williams' Star Wars end titles music swells.


As the music plays, we see a montage of clips depicting the Endor battle. This shot, featuring Wicket struggling with a large blaster, was also shot (with a different camera) for Jedi, but didn't make the final cut. Sixteen years later, a similar bit with Jar Jar Binks was featured during Episode I's Naboo ground battle. 
Tomblin shot Wicket throwing a bomb into the Endor shield generator right before it blew up, shooting from a different angle at the same time as Jedi director Richard Marquand shot the explosion for the final film. 


Warwick bids a cheerful farewell to his new friends. "Well, Warwick, it wasn't easy," Mark Hamill says, "but we couldn't have done it without you." Carrie Fisher plants a kiss on Warwick's cheek, and he skips off, shouting, "Give my love to the Ewoks!" A wistful, melancholy Mark Hamill says, "Sure will." 
You can barely see them, but Warwick's real-life mom Sue and dad Ashley arrive to take him home. 

They don't believe him at first when he tells them of his adventures - that is, until they encounter Yoda (offscreen), who tells Warwick's father, "May the Force be with you, Dad." End.
In the next pics are, Nathan (Mark`s Son), Warwick Davis and Masrk Hamill. Warwick Davis unmasked!

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